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Dr. Richardson teaching children, 4-9 years old how to position their hands when performing hands only CPR. 


A Level That’s “Just Right”

KIDS Alive! Foundation allows kids 4-18 years old to learn hands-only CPR at their level, providing them with the right level of challenge to build skills and drive intrinsic motivation. From learning proper hand placement and body position to counting the chest compression. Our hands-only CPR program allows kids to learn and develop basic but essential life saving skills.



Preparing for Hands Only CPR session at Girls Inc.

  • Please note there is no contact made between Instructor and student. Hands only CPR contact between student and manikin

  • All manikins are disinfected before and after use in compliance with our infection control policy

  • Parents or teachers must be present during the entire session

  • Sessions may be recorded. Please inform the Instructor before class begins, if video recording is not permitted