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About US.

Kids Alive! Foundation Inc. is a nonprofit organization that through education, children become aware of the signs and symptoms of heart disease and stroke. KIDS Alive! promotes free hands-only CPR training for childreneducating children on the importance of hands-only CPR, and developing each child's confidence as a life saving hero. 


How We Started.

My Mom took ill and eventually recovered. One day, while lying on the sofa, my Mom started feeling ill again. She called me, then 13 years old, and asked me if she took ill again and couldn't breathe, what would I do? I responded, "Call 9-1-1."  My Mom then asked, "And then what?" I responded, "CPR if I knew how."

That response started a discussion and we both agreed that I needed to learn CPR. We both agreed that every child should learn even the very basics of CPR, hands only training. 

KIDS Alive! Foundation Inc. was founded in 2021, our mission was and still is, to teach children hands-only CPR.


What Drives Our Passion.

January 2022, weeks after her engagement, months after having her second son, and purchasing a new home, my Mom's coworker was found unresponsive by her 10 year old son. My Mom had spoken to her coworker five days before she was found unresponsive, discussing her upcoming wedding, and joking about the attendees.

Even if my Mom's coworker's son had found her somewhat responsive, he had not learned the very basics of CPR, hands-only CPR. My Mom had discussed my passion for teaching children across Connecticut, free hands only CPR with her coworker. 

Today, my Mom pledges to discuss this topic with everyone who listens.

At some point in a child's life, they may be the only one who can help until an ambulance arrives. 


Our mission is helping to raise awareness of heart disease and stroke among children while promoting and teaching hands-only CPR to children across America, as an acceptable way for children to help victims suffering from cardiac arrest.


Our vision is to engage in strong partnerships within our communities and set the standards for healthy kids while engaging children as life saving heroes across America. 


Every child, a life saving hero.


1.  Increase the number of students we teach hands only CPR by 25% in two years.

2. Increase the number of students we teach hands-only CPR by approximately 15% every year thereafter.

3. To expand opportunities to children across America by opening chapters in different states across America.

4. To expand opportunities for CPR Instructors across America to offer hands-only CPR training to children.

5.  To provide informational materials to parents to increase their understanding of the importance of children learning hands-only CPR training.