KIDS Alive! Foundation is a Not for Profit organization registered in the state of Connecticut. Your donation helps us to reach more children across Connecticut, teaching the importance of hands only CPR, signs of heart attack and stroke, and healthy eating.


Donate a Manikin today!

Donating a manikin means one more child can be trained in free hands only CPR

Becoming a manikin donor is a great way to make an incredible impact in teaching children the signs and symptoms of heart attack and stroke, and the rescue efforts of saving someone who cannot breathe or has suffered a cardiac arrest


Manikin Donor


Manikin Donor


Each donated manikin helps one child learn the basics of hands only CPR. Thank you for your donation and caring about saving lives.

We teach children how to identify the warning signs for heart attack and stroke. Through education, we help children and their parents identify ways to reduce risks for cardiovascular diseases and stroke, and embrace healthy behaviors.

  • Website and social media
  • Health fairs
  • School health initiatives and programs


Training courses designed to encourage CPR Instructors to volunteer their time teaching children in their communities, hands only CPR.

  • Guidelines for engaging children in the hands only training provided online for CPR Instructors

By partnering with other not for profit organizations whose mission aligns with KIDS Alive! Foundation we are able to focus on improving community health and practices.

  • Public training Hands Only CPR for kids

Represents general operating expenses for directing the mission of KIDS Alive Foundation.

  • Inventories
  • Human resources
  • Information technology services

Your support will help us teach more children across Connecticut, hands only CPR!