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Students and Post COVID Griefs

I wanted to buy a puppy for my daughter's third birthday, but didn't have enough money.  The year was 1990. As o exited the store and made my way back to my car, I noticed an older woman struggling to gather the puppies in her yard. They had somehow managed to escape the cage that was now dropped to its left side in her yard.

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Post-COVID Safe Space for High School Students

Being the optimistic Educators that we are, we'd like to think things have returned to normal post-COVID for us, for students, in the classroom. The fact is, for many adults, we learned how to pretend everything is going well, or camouflage our hurt, pain, abuse, and disappointments. For students, the pretense and camouflage may show in outbursts, bullying, withdrawal, absences, or poorly done assignments.

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