Mr. Jordan Richardson is the Founder and CEO of KIDS Alive! Foundation.

  • BLS CPR Certification - American Heart Association
  • Certified Stop The Bleed Instructor - American College of Surgeons
  • Certified Emergency Medical Responder - American Red Cross


Photo Credit: ACCC and Photographer Rafael Feliciano


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It is with a heavy heart and a sense of urgency that I share a poignant and personal story that underscores the critical importance of hands-only CPR training for children. In January 2022, weeks after celebrating her engagement, months after welcoming her second son, and amid the excitement of purchasing a new home, a coworker of my Mom tragically faced a life-threatening situation. Found unresponsive by her 10-year-old son, this unfortunate incident shed light on the vital need for basic CPR knowledge, especially among young individuals.

Just five days prior, my mom had engaged in a lighthearted conversation with her coworker, discussing the upcoming wedding and playfully bantering about attendees. Little did anyone anticipate the sudden turn of events that unfolded. In the absence of even the basic knowledge of hands-only CPR, the young son was left grappling with the harrowing situation, emphasizing the crucial role that early intervention plays in such emergencies. 

This heart-wrenching experience has ignited a pledge within my mom, to advocate for hands-only CPR education passionately. Recognizing that at some point in a child's life, they may find themselves in a position to provide crucial assistance until professional help arrives, my mom is committed to spreading awareness on this life-saving skill.

Statistics reveal that each year, 357,000 people experience cardiac arrest, with seventy percent of these incidents occurring outside a hospital setting. In single-parent households, a child might be the sole witness to a loved one's cardiac emergency, emphasizing the potential impact of early CPR intervention. Despite the activation of the emergency medical system, the crucial minutes before the ambulance's arrival can be a matter of life or death. An ambulance typically takes seven minutes to arrive at the scene of an emergency. Our brains can only function for three to six minutes without oxygen. In the best case scenario, there is a one minute gap. 

KIDS Alive! Hands Only CPR (KAHOC) emerges as a beacon of hope and change, in response to this pressing need. KAHOC's Leaders are dedicated to fostering positive health outcomes and community well-being. By imparting hands-only CPR training to children from a young age, they aim to instill confidence and reduce hesitation in responding to emergencies, ultimately enhancing survival rates through timely intervention.

In the face of adversity, this story propels us to advocate for a world where every child is equipped with the knowledge and skills to be a potential lifesaver. Through initiatives such as CPR Heroes Campaign: Empowering Our Next Generation, we strive to transform tragedy into an opportunity for education, empowerment, and community resilience by bringing awareness to children 9-17 years of age through the CPR Heroes Campaign: Empowering Our Next Generation.

There is significant work being done by Kids Alive! Foundation, Inc. In 2022,  Mr. Jordan Richardson, Founder and CEO, received recognition with the 30 Under 30 award for Exceptional Leadership. This accolade not only celebrated his individual achievements but also shed light on organization's commitment to community health and safety, reinforcing the foundation's positive influence and inspiring others to contribute to positive change.

You can help to contribute to positive changes by inviting us to your next event so we can bring awareness to children in your community. Email us at 

"I was one of 30 Nominees to receive the coveted 30 Under 30 Most Influential Leadership Award to young leaders across Connecticut. This award was meaningful to me and I shared the honor with my Mom and Dad who have supported me and are a part of this incredible journey. The award received is a symbol and reminder of the responsibilities we each must assume in helping future generations . This award ignites the continuity for excellence, push boundaries, and to contribute meaningfully to teaching children, hands only CPR for free."

2022 Connecticut Afro-Latino 30 Under 30 Exceptional Leadership Award

2022 President Joe Biden's Award for volunteer services