CPR Instructors Who Teach Hands Only CPR For Kids

In pursuit of our mission to provide Hands Only CPR training to kids across America to as many children as possible, KIDS Alive! Foundation, Inc. occasionally collaborates with independent CPR instructors in other states, to provide Hands Only CPR training sessions for kids. Please note that these instructors are not employees of KIDS Alive! Foundation, Inc., but are affiliated with us to deliver Hands Only CPR training for kids. While we carefully select and vet these instructors to ensure high-quality training experiences, KIDS Alive! Foundation, Inc. does not directly control or supervise their actions outside of the training sessions.  Instructors acknowledge and accept that any issues, concerns, or disputes arising from or related to the training experience should be addressed directly with the respective instructor or their affiliated organization. KIDS Alive! Foundation, Inc. bears no responsibility for the actions, omissions, or conduct of these independent instructors outside the scope of our organized training sessions.  Furthermore, parents are encouraged to provide feedback to KIDS Alive! Foundation, Inc. regarding their child/children's Hands Only CPR training experience, including any feedback related to the performance or conduct of the instructor. We value your input and strive to continually improve our training offerings.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Waterbury, CT