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My name is Mr. Jordan Richardson. I am the Founder and CEO of KIDS Alive! Foundation. I also serve as the President of Community Relations. Teaching children hands only CPR, for free, is important in helping children become a part of the life saving team outside of hospitals, where most cardiac arrests occur.


Hello Everyone,

As the President of Strategic Initiatives, my focus is on creating a unified team of leaders at KIDS Alive Foundation that builds cohesion, inspires, and motivates.  Through designed training courses and events, we create opportunities to expand beyond our brand, the walls of our building, and become a part of a greater community with shared mission, to serve the youths of Waterbury, CT, across the cities of Connecticut, and the states of America. My role also entails providing oversight to The Executive Team, Board of Directors, and Education and Curriculum Committee, all of which form the Leadership Team at KIDS Alive! Foundation.

The Executive Team

The Executive Team meets once per month and includes the Senior Executives of KAHOC and the Chair of the Board. The Executive Committee assists in evaluating KAHOC's policies and ensures good governance of practices in the best interest of KAHOC and the communities of children served.

The Board of Directors

The Directors meet quarterly, and are tasked with sustaining the resources of KAHOC and its affiliates so as to benefit children across America.  The vision of the Board is engaging in strong partnerships within our communities, governing in an intentional manner, and committed to continuous evaluation, dedication to KAHOC's mission. 

The Education and Curriculum Committee

The Education and Curriculum Committee (ECC) of KAHOC recommends proposals affecting the programs offered at KAHOC. ECC recommends program changes, additions, and deletion of programs, instruction and learning. The ECC assists the President of Education Leadership with the requirements for new Volunteers as Instructors, and selection of candidates as Speakers for annual conferences. 


Thank you for serving the youths of today, our leaders of tomorrow. 

Leadership at KIDS Alive! Hands Only CPR (KAHOC) is critically important to the overall governance.  Every leader who's involved with KAHOC is involved in impacting change among kids within their respective communities. As the President of Education Leadership, my focus is on creating programs that build relations with programs serving children within the communities we serve. 

Courses offered by KIDS Alive! Hands Only CPR (KAHOC) include:

  • Hands Only CPR  (American Heart Association guidelines)
  • Babysitting Basics for children 11 year old and older (Red Cross guidelines)
  • Stop The Bleed  (American College of Surgeons guidelines)
  • WebSafe (TM) (KIDS Alive! guidelines)
  • Website Building for Babysitting Business (KIDS Alive! guidelines)