Kids Alive! Foundation Inc. is a nonprofit organization dedicated to raising awareness of heart disease and stroke by teaching children 9-17 years of age, the signs and symptoms of cardiac issues. The organization promotes hands-only CPR training for children, aiming to instill confidence as life-saving heroes.

Our vision is to engage in strong partnerships within communities, setting standards for healthy kids, empowering children across America as life-saving heroes.

Every child, a life saving hero.

  1. Increase hands-only CPR training for students by 25% in the next two years.

  2. Sustain a yearly increase of approximately 15% in hands-only CPR training thereafter.

  3. Expand opportunities by establishing chapters in different states across America.

  4. Provide CPR Instructors nationwide with opportunities to offer hands-only CPR training to children.

  5. Offer informational materials to parents to enhance their understanding of the importance of children learning hands-only CPR.