Our Commitment to Community Service.

Everyone at KIDS Alive works diligently to develop and maintain open lines of communication within our communities.  We believe in fostering partnerships with shared mission and vision of educating children on the signs and symptoms of heart disease, heart attack, and stroke, and developing children's confidence as life saving heroes.


The mission of KIDS Alive! Foundation is through education, teach children 9-17 years old, the signs and symptoms of stroke and heart attack, the importance of hands only CPR, and help them develop the confidence as life saving heroes. KIDS Alive! is proud of the progress it has made in partnering with organizations with shared missions - youth empowerment. It is the networking and the contributions of our community affiliations that have made it possible to bring awareness and CPR skill training to the children of Connecticut.  If your organization serves children 9-17 years old, and is interested in joining us to empower the youths of Connecticut through learning a life saving skill, please contact me, Dr. Karlene Richardson, President of Educational and Strategic Initiatives at KIDS Alive! Foundation at drkrichardson@kidsalivefoundation.org or call us at (631) 505-1029. We look forward to working together so that every child in Connecticut knows high quality hands only CPR.


To learn more about the mission of our community affiliations, click the image below