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My name is Mr. Jordan Richardson. I am the Founder and CEO of KIDS Alive! Foundation. I also serve as the President of Community Relations. Teaching children hands only CPR, for free, is important, helping children become a part of the life saving team outside of hospitals.

Did you know, each year, 357,000 people experience cardiac arrest? Seventy percent of that number, experiences a cardiac arrest outside of a hospital. Of every four homes in America, one is a single parent home. This means, possibly, according to the statistics, at some point in time, a single parent may experience a cardiac arrest while at home, with only a child left to provide care. The emergency medical system will 

be activated because that child was taught to call 9-1-1. Unfortunately, it takes an ambulance approximately 7-14 minutes to get to the location of the emergency, after it has been dispatched. That is a minute to eleven minutes too late for some people, as our brain can only function 3-6 minutes without oxygen. Given the best case scenario, our brain may function for six minutes without oxygen, and being optimistic , the ambulance took seven minutes to arrive at the scene of the emergency after it was dispatched, That one minute gap makes a difference. If children are taught from a young age, the importance of hands only CPR, and how to perform hands only CPR, they may be less hesitant and less fearful to begin chest compression while waiting for the ambulance. Survival rate increases with timely intervention.

KIDS Alive! Hands Only CPR (KAHOC)'s Leaders understand, and are making a difference. KAHOC's Leaders are focused on positive health and community outcomes. 


I was one of 30 Nominees to receive the coveted 30 Under 30 Most Influential Leadership Award to young leaders across Connecticut.